b. 1994 / Dubai, UAE

Currently living in United Kingdom, Glasgow

With an attentiveness to space and the everyday that passes through it, I encompass what it means for a place to be recognised and understood. My work revolves around the ideas of belonging and foreignness both coinciding with one another to create the idea of home and familiarity. The visual work created follows the documentary elements within the photographic medium, whilst pushing the photograph in away that can be read conceptually and descriptively. 

I create photographs that bring up issues of political, social and personal factors, often leading to a body of work that has many interpretations. The photographs become a way of informing both conceptually in a documentative manner that reacts to the worlds current state.


2014 - 2017 BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (UK)

2013 -2014 Diploma, Merit, Art foundation Diploma, Leeds College of Art, Leeds (UK)

Group Exhibitions:

2018 New Scottish Artists, The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, London (UK) 

2018 New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (UK)

2018 Futureproof, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow (UK)

2017 The Open Art Exhibition,, (UK)

2017 The Pupil Sphere, The Brunswick, Leeds (UK)

2017 Absurd Realities, Citizen M, Glasgow (UK)

2017 Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (UK)

2017 Burn Your Barbies, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow (UK)

2017 Glasgow Zine Festival, The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (UK) 

2016 So anyway what do you do?, House For An Art Lover, Glasgow (UK)

2016 Drying Green Collective 2, Broadcast, Glasgow (UK)

2016 Drying Green Collective, Broadcast, Glasgow (UK)

2015 BOUND 2, Broadcast, Glasgow (UK)

2015 Blindspot, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow (UK)

2014 Leeds College of Art Foundation Exhibition, Leeds College of Art, Leeds (UK) 


2018 The Skinny, Issue 150, March 2018

2018 The Skinny, Issue 148, January 2018

2017 vvisions,

2017 Pupil Sphere,

2017 The Skinny,

2017 The Scotsman,

2017 Peach Estate, Week 15/5 - 19/5


2018 But There Is No Land Near The End, A+E Collective

2017 NOTES ISSUE 3, NOTES Letters To Photography

2017 Dust, Self Published

2016 I Fell In Love At An Airport, Self Published

2015 GASM Issue 13, Glasgow Art School Magazine

2015 (   ), Self Published


2018 Creative Conversations, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (UK)

2017 Futureproof, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow (UK)

phone +447734700383

[email protected]

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